April 26, 2013

The Giggles Get Me Every Time

Cooper just giggles. Just about everything makes him laugh. It doesn't take much effort, just a bit of an entertainment factor and off he goes. We recently got this awesome bath tub toy from my mom. Cooper thinks it is just great and it's made that much better by Parker holding it.

April 19, 2013

Cooper: Nine Months, Six Teeth, and Happy As Can Be.

Cooper is nine months old now, has six teeth and might possibly the happiest kid on earth. He goes to bed happy and wakes up happy. The only time you can find a frown on his face is when he is hungry or Parker has just whacked him with a bat.

He thinks his brother is the funniest person around and just loves to play with him.  Watch this video and just listen to his sweet belly laughes.

I'm such a lucky mom.  My boys are the best.  Every day brings something new.  I am just trying to savor every moment.