July 30, 2010

register...for what exactly?

We attempted to start our baby registry last night. Key word: ATTEMPT. As was expected, it was terribly overwhelming and not the least bit fun. We started out in the crib section and once we finally decided on one that we both liked, a store employee informed us that it was being discontinued. Fantastic. Thanks so much for the update. We both just had to laugh. We did finally agree on another crib but now I'm not so sure.

Thankfully, the night was cut short by the closing of Babies 'R' Us. Lucky us. The night was not all for nothing, Kevin did find a weeblock. 100% ridiculous but hysterical non-the-less.


  1. True Story. The first thing Sonny and I did was pick out the perfect blue and silver car seat after 30 minutes of deliberation.... only to find out immediately after that it did not come with a matching stroller (mandatory for us...).

    Perhaps this is a BRU conspiracy? Do they want us to hate them?!

  2. Is the 'wee block' like the "pee pee teepee"?? If so, awesome.

  3. This seriously reminds me of the time Hugh and I had our first attempt at creating a wedding registry. Didn't work so well; he wanted to pick the cheapest out of every option, he thought I kept picking things that were too expensive. We ended up deleting the original list and starting from scratch. Hope it goes better for baby Wo!