July 17, 2019

Big Fat Tears on a Really Important Day

Sunday, June 30th, 2019. Right behind my wedding day and the birth of my children, this is a day that I will absolutely never forget.  Cooper was baptized on this day. 

A few months prior, on our way home from church, Cooper started asking questions about being baptized.  He had a lesson on it during Sunday school and whatever he learned, seemed to sink in with him.  I answered all his questions with a little help from Kevin. 

A few days later, while we were running errands together, Cooper said to me, I want to be baptized.  I am ready.
I told him I would look into this for him and then forgot.  Cooper didn't forget, he reminded me daily.  I contacted our church and signed him up.  I haven't seen Cooper any happier.  He was so very excited for the big day to come.

When the day arrived, I couldn't keep the smile off my face and when his turn came, I just broke down and sobbed.  It was my proudest moment as a mom to date.  I wasn't saved until I was 28 years old and Cooper is so far ahead of me. He just a little spiritual warrior, so eager to talk about Jesus and so pure of heart. 

I am so very excited for Cooper and the new life ahead of him.

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