August 11, 2010

parker worley: world traveler

August is going to be a busy week for the us, as is most of September.  We have a wedding in Ohio in 2 weeks, where Parker will get to meet most of my best friends (the only aunts he will have) and then off to California for my baby shower and maybe a weekend at the beach somewhere in between?  I guess I should be reveling in the fact that he travels light for now.  I can see loads of baby gear traveling with us in the near future. 

Speaking of baby gear, I am still in the process of registering.  I just can't seem to commit to decor, much less a crib.  I have managed to avoid traveling back to Babies 'R' Us and have added items one at a time online, the original list started with 19 items and its somehwere near 50 now.  Thank goodness.  

I did manage to find a sheet set that I think will work well.  Its called Nantucket, preppy and clean but covered in alligators.  Parker seems like a preppy alligator wrestler name to me, or maybe just a southern gentleman?


  1. Um I am in love with that sheet set! Perfect for little Parker, who will be a NOLA-born Southern boy.

  2. Congratulations on all the wonderful things taking place in your lives. God Bless,

    The Mobley's

  3. Those sheets are adorable! (and you know how I feel about all things Nantucket! :)

  4. LOVE those little alligators! Precious! I hope we didn't completely scare you out of ever traveling with your kid. We definitely had enough baby gear for a baby army this weekend!!

  5. Ohhh man, Parker's aunts are going to spoil him like crazy. I CAN'T WAIT. :) Also, love the sheets.