August 13, 2010

tough revelations.

A few things have become very evident to me over the last few days, tough revelations I would call them:

1.  I don't look good in pregnant. some people don't look good in orange or green.  I don't look good in pregnant.  I'm not graceful or cute, just awkward and round.  I only have 16 weeks left, so I think I can deal with my predicament for now.

2.  I might never be cool again. I saw a early twenties blonde girl cruising down West End yesterday, she just looked cool and then it hit me, I will never be that cool again.  I will be too worried about Parker and being a mom to look or even play that part again.  Maybe I can make baby drool the new cool?

3.  I won't see my feet again until 2011.

I'm slowly learning to deal with each of these things.  As long as I can fit back into my jeans once Parker arrives, life will be good again for me, cool or not.

**This is a photo of Kevin from the softball tournament he played in over the weekend.  He looks cool here, so I thought this might up my cool factor.  Photo courtesy of Jaime Mitchell

1 comment:

  1. i bet kevin hit a soft ground ball to the shortstop. He is so lazy, he probably didnt even run it out.