November 10, 2010

Parker's Nursery

Our nursery is coming right along...slowly.  I know where its headed, just need a weekend or two to get everything finished up!

We have the crib in place and his bedding.  I have become a huge fan of alligators and will buy just about anything with an alligator on it.

I spent some time this weekend working on the curtains  I purchased white curtains that turned out to be a little too short.  Simple fix: make them longer.  I added a solid gray panel to each curtain.  I think they work well in his room and match the walls. 

Our next step is putting up shelves in his room.  We went to the green project this weekend and purchased a really tall shutter, its 119" long, that we are going to turn into 3 shelves...

As well as a window that I would like to put over his changing table.  Both pieces needs a little bit of TLC.  I am going to clean them up, sand them down, and add a coat of polyurethane to each of them.  

Finish off with a few shelf brackets, some baskets and this rocker and we should be all set.  Good things too because we are already at 36 weeks!  Only a few more weeks to go!


  1. You are so crafty! Parker is going to have the chic-est nursery. I can't wait to see the finished product, complete with the lil' man in his crib. :)

    Love you guys! xo

  2. Love it! Easy with the polyurethane, preggers! ;-)

  3. Looks great! I adore the little aligators on the bedding, and I kind of want that rocker for myself!

    Really, though, maybe let Kev be the one to take on the polyurethane projects from now on? Parker might not like it if Mommy is getting high on fumes!

  4. Where is the bedding from?

  5. I have been searching high and low for alligator baby bedding? My husband is a Florida Gator fan and I want to do our little boys room in alligators with just a few accents of albert the florida gator mascot.

    I thought maybe I could make it, but I can not find cotton fabric with just alligators.

    Could you please tell me where you found your baby bedding or the name of the collection?

    Thank you,

  6. The bedding is from the Nantucket collection at Traget and its still listed on their site. Hope you get your hands on it!