February 4, 2010

hurricane nola

This city is nuts right now and it feels great to be a part of all the action. The Saints are headed to the Superbowl for the first time in history and win or lose, we will be proud.

I have watched the youtube.com videos and followed the press and all of them make we well up with pride. I was a part of the rebuilding and rebirth. I was here and I rebuilt. We have come back stronger than ever and no hurricane can ever take this feeling away.

This game is going to make all the hard work well worth it. The long road to recovery is now paved in gold thanks to the boys in black. Victorious or not, thank you Saints.


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  2. Hey Danielle! Awesome blog site. Keep it up you're inspiring me to start one for myself and Alexis! This weekend is going to be one big party all across the city, can't wait till Sunday.

  3. Hey, hey, hey!!!! Blog is looking awesome!!!! SO GLAD you started it! :-)

  4. Glad to see that you like my art work :)


    - MonkeyMan