August 6, 2011

Time to Create

I really love painting and crafting.  There's nothing better to me than to take something simple and make it into a piece of art.  While on vacation in California, I made my first every trip to Ikea.  I was definitely in Heaven!  So much great stuff at such low prices.  I ran across the Malma mirrors and couldn't resist such a great buy.  I was determined to take these simple mirrors and make them awesome.  I started with this, 4 plan mirrors:

I wanted to make something to send to Uncle Keith and Aunt Nicole in LA.  They just moved into a new place and every thing in there is white - the walls, the furniture.  All white.  Nicole mentioned she liked greens and yellows.  So after four weeks of procrastination, one failed idea and two weeks of on-and-off painting, I ended up with this:

I am really proud of how they turned out.  I wouldn't mind doing a set for myself.  They remind of the water and sun.  I shipped them off to LA - can't wait to see how they look against the white walls!

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