August 5, 2011

Just Mom and P

Kevin is headed off to a softball tournament in Alexandria, LA with the heat index nearing 110 this weekend, I was more than happy to stay at home.  I love watching Kevin play, but the thought of Parker and me sitting in that heat was too much to handle.

I am really looking forward to our weekend together, or rather the next 36 hours.  It's already off to a great start.  He slept through the night again last night!  My alarm woke me up at 6am and I had to wake him up.  I am refreshed and ready to tackle the next 36 hours as a single parent.

We plan to go to the pool, run some errands, maybe make some baby food.  He is eating a ton now and I need to get a little more creative about what I make.  We have moved on to big kid stuff - meat and potatoes and even pasta.  I hope he still likes my easy to prepare vegetables and pureed fruits.
Upset because he is messy or because his cookie is gone?

On that note, he has also started to insist on feeding himself - about 50% of the food finds its way to his mouth, 30% goes to the dogs and the rest ends up on his face.  At least he's a cute kid!

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