August 10, 2011

Prayer for My Sweet Baby Boy.

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Every night, before we go to bed, Kevin and I make sure that we check on Parker one last time and we say a prayer for our sweet baby boy.  Our prayer is always the same,

Lord please watch over our little one, please keep him healthy and safe. Please help him have a good night's sleep and for us to be great parents to him.

It has occurred to me really recently that this prayer just isn't enough. Now that I am a mom, I am so much more aware of all the scary things out there that could have gone wrong during my pregnancy or even now.  We have a healthy child, despite his ear infection issues, which are something that can be fixed with a small procedure or that he might even grow out of within a few years.  How dare me for getting frustrated when my child is not feeling well or having a rough day.  I'm so ashamed of the times when I was upset about having to get up to tend to a crying baby in the middle of the night.  Embarrassed that I can't always find the patience to understand Parker's needs.

I was in desperate need of reality check, thank goodness it came before I let another day pass.  I think my new prayer is going to go something like this:

Lord please allow me to be the best mother that I can possibly be.  Please give me guidance and strength.  Please forgive me for not always realizing what a wonderful treasure Parker is and thank you so very much for bringing this perfect little gift into my life.

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  1. I like both prayers! i mostly just LOVE that y'all are praying for him! God does everything in answer to a prayer... :-)