August 17, 2011

Boston Bound

We leave for Boston on today to celebrate the marriage of Aunt Alyssa and Uncle Andy.

August 20, 2011 - welcome to the family, Andy!

We are really excited to get out of NOLa for a bit and even more excited to be going to this wedding.  I can't wait to introduce Parker to his extended family.  He has a world of Aunts and Uncles that he has yet to meet.  I hope they are all ready for the Parker experience.  He has grown into a super-demanding, very impatient squirm worm with one tooth as of late.

I am a little more nervous for this trip than all of our last flights.  Now that Parker is mobile, I really hope he is just as easy to travel with as in times past.  Who am I kidding?  I really hope our fellow travelers are kind, patient and forgiving.  We are about to unleash the Tasmanian devil on this flight, one that is teething at that.  I am fearful for my sanity to say the least.

Mac and Cheese is delicious!

The good news - it's not too late to stock up on tylenol.  The bad news - it never seems to work on him.  I plan to make a trip to Target tonight to buy finger foods to prevent shrieks from escaping his mouth and a variety of new toys.  His attention span is about 15 minutes per today, I figure if I arm myself with five or six, I should be able to survive the flight from New Orleans to DC...right? 

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  1. Omg this had me laughing so hard!! I'm sure everyone on the plane drooled over him :-)