May 1, 2019

This kid right here.

Don't mind the upside down award. :)
I received a note last week from Cooper's teacher asking me to attend that Friday's award ceremony.  She told me he was being recognized for his accomplishments in learning.  I was immediately filled with a sense of pride, not only for myself but for Cooper.

He's been working so very hard in all areas of his life, in school, at home and on the ball field.  I was so very excited for him to finally be recognized.

When his teacher got up to speak, she told me what I already knew, Cooper was working really hard in school.  What I didn't know was that not only was he working hard to help himself, he was spending time in his classroom offering to help others. 

When she said this, I broke into tears.  I wanted Cooper to do well for Cooper, I hadn't encouraged him to try to help others, he just did it.  He's like his dad in this way, less concerned about his own success and more concerned about everyone around him. I'm so very thankful for this dad for this wonderful trait.

Way to go, Kev. You've taught him well.

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