May 8, 2019

She's so fancy

Digging for buried treasure.
Hadley called me via FaceTime and this is what I got to watch while talking to her.  A solid 10 minutes of booger picking.  she chatted away with me, all while maintaining a finger in nose position.

I think this is what I love most about her.  She's not your typical girlie girl, not overly sensitive nor do her emotions tend to vary much.  When she's happy, there's no one better to be around and when she's angry with you, it's like trying to wrestle a bear.

She's such a unique little girl, tough as nails.  She won't cry when her brothers are too rough, she gets knocked down and gets right back up.  She won't let them see her upset and she rarely backs down from either one of them. Kevin and I often have to peel her off the boys after they've crossed her path. 

I love every ounce of her, her tenacity, her independence and her funny sense of humor.  She's great and I wouldn't change anything, except maybe the booger picking.

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