September 14, 2014

It's A...

You read it right.  We are expecting a little girl in December.  I wanted to wait, I really did but I'm so glad that I know we are expecting a little Miss in December.  I have so much work to do and planning.  Lot's of planning.  We have all the major pieces, the crib and dresser and stroller and carseats.  That stuff doesn't really matter to me.

What I am more focused on is the nursery.  It took me over a dozen paint samples and four weeks to finally decide on a color.  My poor husband was a trooper during it all.  He even volunteered to repaint the ceiling and trim in the room.  We landed on a nice subtle taupe.  Not too gray, not too brown.  Just right.

I want the accessories to be shades of coral and peach, with very little pink in the room.  Thank goodness for Pinterest, it found just want I was looking for in a color scheme.

I want warm colors with a touch of gold but not too girlie, more fancy garden. Let's hope my lack of a green thumb doesn't get in the way. 

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