July 28, 2014


taking a dip in the river, Summer 2014
I have been quiet for a bit too long so I thought that I would come back with a big bang...we are expecting baby #3 in December.

Things were just getting a bit too boring around here and a little too easy.  We only have one in diapers and Cooper seems to finally be past a bit of "terrible twos" that we thought might do us both in.

Santa Cruz Beach, Spring 2014

Parker is a walking, talking man now.  Into everything, questioning everyone and a bit too bossy at times.  He is basically pay back for the first 18 years of my life.  I have to laugh at times, if I were to put a wig on him, I would be arguing with myself.  He's really smart and at times, it's a bit scary but so very exciting.
ready for bed

Cooper is a menace and Parker's shadow.  Kevin often describes me as a Sour Patch Kid, first she's sour, then she's sweet, that's Cooper too.  He has a heart of gold and just lights up a room until you cross him, or he's tired, or hungry.  We try to keep him well fed and rested to combat two of the three.
visiting the Calaveras Big Tress, Summer 2014

Life is grand right now.  We are so very in love and it's hard not to be.  We have been truly blessed with two of the most wonderful little terrors ever put on earth and I can't wait until #3 rolls in town to mix things up a bit.

Our due date is late November/early December, December 9th to be exact.  All dates are great, except November 30th, Parker will never ever ever forgive me for that one.  (He still talks about "that one time when dad didn't bring my bat to the ball game"), 12:01 on December 1st sounds just fine.

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