January 25, 2012

2012: What A Year It Will Be

2011 ended with a large bang and 2012 started with one.  I have never experienced so much change in just  matter of weeks.

Where to begin?  Kevin accepted a job offer in California, he had to report just ten days after acceptance.  I couldn't imagine packing up our lives in ten days, so I opted to stay behind in New Orleans to begin the job of packing.  Kevin was gone for three extremely long weeks.  Parker and I managed to survive, but just barely.  I was so relieved when Santa airmailed Kevin back to us on Christmas Eve.  I think Parker was really excited too, I could not have asked for a better Christmas gift.

We spent the week after Christmas packing up and headed out West on New Year's Eve.  Parker left a few days prior to us with his Grandma Worley and Lola.  Dexter made the trip with Kevin and me.

We are finally in Stockton and on the hunt for a house as well as a new job for me.  Thankfully, my job in New Orleans is keeping me on as a contractor worker.  This arrangement definitely works well for me, it's nice to still be contributing to the family.

Not only did 2012 bring us a huge move, but it brought a few other things for us...

1.  A potential career change?  While I am still actively searching the job market for a new job, I am also taking classes to become a teacher.  I will be able to apply for jobs this summer and potentially start working this fall.  I would really like to be a middle school math teacher.

2.  A new addition.  Yes, you heard that right.  We are expecting #2 in July, the 16th to be exact.  Should make for an interesting summer.  Parker is a wild man now, into everything and all over the place.  I hope that Kevin and I can keep up.

I'm ready for you 2012.  Give me your best shot.  I know our growing family will turn out better and stronger in the end!

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