December 27, 2011

and We Are Off...

We have been waiting for years to get the news that we are moving.  Kevin has applied to and turned down job offers.  The right offer finally came at the beginning of December and Kevin was off.  He let Parker and I to fend for ourselves for three weeks.  I spent time trying to survive and pack up all the little things in the house while Parker did one of two things...lounge or terrorize every other member of the house...

 When I packed three things, we unpacked at least one. He made life just miserable for the dogs, taunting them with his snacks is one of his favorite past times. He's also off and walking now, so we can get into even more mischief. He did a great job unpacking cabinets and making a general mess of things. 

Kevin finally came back on Christmas Eve and his return could not have been more exciting.  It's so nice to have a second pair of hands around the house.  I never realized what a great help we was to have around.

Now it's time to pack up the last 10 years and move them out West.  I am excited and nervous, anxious and just a bit stressed.  We have been waiting for this for years, but I am the worst with change.

We hit the open road on Saturday, wish us luck!

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