August 31, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper - or not.

Parker is into just about everything now.  Even more exciting, he knows how to open cabinets.  Baby-proofing is in our future.  He thinks its just great to open up cabinets and pull out everything he can get his little tiny hands on.  He spends his afternoons taking out every single pot and pan and piece of tupperware that we own as we attempt to cook and not step on him.

Once he gets them out, it's great fun to make lots of noise with his make-shift drum set.  

He also really enjoys the same activity while I am getting ready in the morning, which makes for a very interesting dance in a very tiny space.  Everything in the cabinets must come out. 

I really hope he is as methodical about pulling everything out as he is about putting everything right back in!  That will be our next task to learn!

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