May 6, 2011

My First Treasure

I dropped Parker at daycare this morning and was surprised to find that he had a gift for me.  Apparently he is a busy little boy.  I know its just a simple gift, but it almost brought me to tears and I just love it.

Parker's Artwork

Until today, I never understood how proud my parents really are of me.  As a child, my parents kept every single piece of school work that I brought home.  Steve and I both have a box for each year, 13 total from Kindergarten to our Senior year.

For years, I pestered my parents about getting rid of this "paper" and putting it out for recycling.  I just couldn't understand why they kept all of it.  I get it now, its important to them.  They are proud of everything that we have done.  To my mom and dad, its not trash, its a treasure and a piece of us. Every single thing I created as a child was important. They can't bare to part with their treasures.  I can't imagine ever getting rid of anything that Parker brings home and I'm not sure I will have a house big enough to display every single piece of artwork that he creates, but I know that I'll try.

Mom and Dad - Thanks for now throwing these things away.  I appreciate it and I understand now. The pestering will stop, at least about my boxes of "paper".


  1. This is so sweet! You're my first friend to get the "paper" we all tell our parents to get rid sweet to see it from the other side!

  2. Awww it's so sweet!!! I love how busy these little guys are a day care... crafty, crafty :-)