May 4, 2011

Attempts at Being a Night Owl

Parker woke up around 3:45 this morning to eat and I woke up refreshed.  He hasn't slept this late in a while.  I know that sooner than later, he is going to sleep until morning.  I can't wait for this time to come!  After he ate, I put him back to bed.  I looked down to see him staring back at me.  I immediately thought to myself, "great, it looks like we are both up for today".

I decided that I would take a chance and just left him laying in his crib, wide awake.  When I got back to bed, I glanced at the monitor and saw this:

He was wide awake, twirling his pacifier in his hands.  Not crying and not unhappy, just playing.  I had to laugh, he seemed so content.

His attempts at being a night owl didn't last long, I found him like this less than 5 minutes later, sound asleep and his arm straight up.

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