April 27, 2010

and baby makes 3

We got good news last week....we're expecting a baby! The doctor says baby w is doing just great, has a strong heart beat and is developing nicely. He (we keep referring to baby W as a boy....wonder what that means) is about the size of a raspberry and looks like a blob when photoed.

Our familes are super excited too which makes sharing the news even more fun! Kevin is over the moon, I have never seen him so excited. He wants to tell everyone. I am still a little overwhelmed, but I think that will wear off once the exhaustion disappears.

Mark your calendars.....12.8.10. That's the due date. Until then, we are trying to soak up every single piece of life we can together. Things are about to really get whirley for us!

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  1. Woohoo Baby Worely!!!! Chris and I are so excited for you guys! Congrats!