March 15, 2010

baby CASH

Jaime (and Sonny) brought a beautiful baby boy into this world. We has a head full of hair and cute little rosy cheeks. Makes me want to have one of my own, but I think they really broke the mold on this one.

Congrats to you both! He is going to have the best family a kid could ever ask for! I can't want to watch him grow up!


  1. Awwww you are the sweeeetest!!!!!!! We LOVE you guys so much and I can't wait till Baby Cash is calling yall by name... you are gonna SO be wanting your own then! xoxoxo

  2. Can you send me the big file of his "logo" :-) I wanna make it my facebook pic on his surgery day!!! I love ya girl and i miss your blog! Blog s'more! ;-)