November 9, 2015

It's Been Too Long...

I can't believe it's been almost 6 months since my last post.  Life is busy to say the least and I've just been distracted.

We had an active summer with soccer, Cooper and Kevin's birthdays, a visit to DisneyLand and our first kid-free trip to Hawaii to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. Summer was completed with a new job for Kevin and a trip to Boston to celebrate the marriage of two of our closest friends.  It has definitely been a bit of a blur.

The babies are getting so big.  Hadley has two teeth now, she's beginning to walk and much to my dismay, she's saying da-da.  She just adores her big brothers and is tough as nails.

In an attempt to actually capture our kids while they are still babies, we found a local photographer and I am just thrilled with the outcome. The session was short and we were a bit stressed but our photographer was such a pro.  Our session started with Cooper requesting that the photographer "take a picture of his back".  Needless to say, she did, he was thrilled and complied the remainder of the session.  He's definitely my wild one!
Parker, almost 5 years old

Cooper, 3 years old

Hadley, 10 months
As I think back over the summer, I have so many sweet memories and I know that we had a great summer but I have so few photos.  I am going to once again, make this my New Years resolution - take more photos or keep in touch with my new found photographer.

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