August 31, 2012

There's A Boat in Our Room

Seriously sleep deprived.
Parker is experiencing a bit of regression.  He isn't sleeping through the night any longer and when he does wake up, he screams.  At the top of his lungs.  His favorite thing to scream is "NOT NICE MOMMY, NOT NICE".  I don't like the idea of allowing him to scream for too long, but what I like even less is sleeping in bed with him.

I end up with an elbow to the eye or a foot to the face, sandwiched in between Parker who moves all night long and Cooper who grunts a lot.  Kevin gets an even worse deal, he sleeps with his head at the foot of the bed to avoid a shot to the throat or the very common head butt.

This is where the boat comes in.  Apparently, Kevin had a similar regression with sleep.  In order to remedy this situation, a blow up boat was introduced into the equation.  Kevin slept in the boat and the boat lived in the middle of Dennis and Linda's bed.  From there, the boat floated down the hall to the crib and eventually disappeared.


I swore that I wouldn't resort to the boat, but I'm desperate.  There's a boat in our room now.  It doesn't live in the bed, it's on the floor next to the bed, but it works.  I hope that it finds it's way down river very quickly and Parker finds his way back into his own bed for good.

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