March 2, 2012

What a Great Helper?

Parker has really found his voice over the last few weeks and in doing so, he has also really become pushy and demanding.  He likes to point his little tiny finger and bark orders.  There's just one problem, his orders are in a completely foreign language and when his orders are strictly followed, he gets mad. 

One nice sunny Saturday afternoon, Parker helped Grandpa Worley wash the car and then Webber.  While barking orders, he had a bit of a fall into a rather large puddle of water.  I must admit, I found this hysterical.

His wet bottom did not stop him from giving orders. Parker had a job to do.  He quickly picked himself up and resumed right where he left off, fingering pointing and mouth moving.

When he was done, the car was washed, the dog was clean and everyone had a good laugh. Our little boy gets more fun every day.

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