October 21, 2011

Harvard bound.

The past week weeks have been a complete whirlwind.  Parker learns something new almost every day.  In the last week, he has started saying both mama and dada.  I guess he didn't want to hurt Kev's feelings by just saying mama. 

He is into everything and all over the place.  He doesn't seem very interested in his toys and would rather explore the world.  I hope this means he is a smart kid.  I keep telling myself that he's a genius.

He has also recently decided he really dislikes his car seat which makes for awesome travel. I can't wait for his first birthday to come around so we can move him into a bigger seat.  I have already started my research.  I hope

This morning, I found him reading a set of instructions to his breathing machine.  This kid is ready for Harvard.  I think it must be the sweater he was wearing.  He looks so preppy.

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