October 31, 2011

Sand Stinks!

We took a trip to the beach over Labor Day weekend with my family and I am just now looking at all of the photos.  Parker was not a big fan of the sand or the water.  How is it possible to not be a fan of the beach?  We managed to capture this dislike on film.  Take a look!

Both Kevin and I really enjoy spending time at the beach.  I really hope Parker comes around soon!  We wouldn't want to have to leave him at home on our next trip...

October 28, 2011

Here Comes Halloween!

This is going to be Parker's first Halloween.  We spent last Sunday afternoon at a Pumpkin Patch just outside of New Orleans.  It was a pretty drive and a great day to pick out pumpkins.  Here we are before we took a ride out to the patch:
 We rode out to the patch and on the ride, we were informed that pumpkins can't really grow in Louisiana - it's just too hot and humid.  The pumpkins we got we fancy and imported, from New Mexico.  Parker took selecting just the right pumpkin very seriously.

He wanted to make sure that his pumpkin was just right.  In the end, we ended up with four pumpkins to take home, some to carve and some just for fall decorations.  I think P was very happy with his haul.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween weekend!  We are looking to a great weekend in New Orleans with warm days and cool nights!

October 21, 2011

Harvard bound.

The past week weeks have been a complete whirlwind.  Parker learns something new almost every day.  In the last week, he has started saying both mama and dada.  I guess he didn't want to hurt Kev's feelings by just saying mama. 

He is into everything and all over the place.  He doesn't seem very interested in his toys and would rather explore the world.  I hope this means he is a smart kid.  I keep telling myself that he's a genius.

He has also recently decided he really dislikes his car seat which makes for awesome travel. I can't wait for his first birthday to come around so we can move him into a bigger seat.  I have already started my research.  I hope

This morning, I found him reading a set of instructions to his breathing machine.  This kid is ready for Harvard.  I think it must be the sweater he was wearing.  He looks so preppy.

October 11, 2011

First Blood

It has happened, Parker had his first accident that involved blood loss.  He and I were playing on the floor.  and he was trying to escape from my terrible tickling.  He tried to crawl away and his little hand slipped.  He went crashing down, chin first and his two bottom teeth cut into his top gums.  I had one unhappy kid on my hands and a lot of blood. 

This is a look at the aftermath, notice the little purple bruises on his gums, please disregard the boogers.  He has had a runny nose. 

Go ahead Grandmas - add this to your list to turn over to Child Protective Services.  I know both of you are keeping them.

October 7, 2011

How did you manage to. . .

I find that most of my sentences begin just like this....How did you manage to...

...get that noodle on your head? ...get poop on your elbow?

...get dirt in your nose? ...make my life so much better? 

...scream for 20 minutes? ...make such a large mess?

learn to love tomatoes? ... make me cry with joy?

...turn out so cute?

October 4, 2011

Milwaukee and the Begotka Wedding

We traveled north last weekend to Milwaukee to celebrate the wedding of one of my closest friends, Leah.
It was really nice to escape the warm weather for a weekend. We stepped on the plan in New Orleans and it was 85 and humid. When we landed in Milwaukee, we stepped off the plane and into a cool 55 degrees. Luckily, Parker had packed his sweatsuit that Grammy Lewis bought him.

happy to be in the cool weather
snug as a bug
We had a great weekend.  It was so nice to be able to introduce Parker to his Aunt Leah and Uncle Brian and their extended family. The wedding was beautiful and the bride was absolutely stunning.

Aunt Leah was a stunning bride!
This was our last out of town wedding for the season. As a family, we have traveled to Los Angeles, Boston and Milwaukee for weddings in the last 3 months as well as Stockton and Kansas City to visit family. It has been a long summer and I am ready to be stationary for a while. Anyone want to come and visit?

October 1, 2011

This Just In: PE Tubes

In Parker's ears that is...he had tubes placed in his ears last Tuesday.  I was a bit nervous for him to be taken away, but before I knew it, he was done and screaming for some breakfast.  We now have a new baby.

super early surgery time = cuddle bug
super cute in his green gown

He is sleeping and napping better and an all around happier kid.  All thanks to a tiny piece of plastic and a 15 minute procedure, modern medicine is just amazing.