July 22, 2011

And he's off!

Parker is crawling now.  It's not a full on crawl, more of an army crawl.  He is all over the place.  His little chunky thighs are finally coming in handy and he is mobile.  We put him down and off he goes.  It's so fun to watch him see something and crawl right up to explore it.

As of late, his most favorite thing to do is to dump over the dog's water bowl. He has managed to do this no less than every other day in the last two weeks.  It always manages to happen while I am racing around to get ready for work.  This morning was an exceptionally traumatic event, the bowl was full.  Parker ended up with a sopping wet belly and was just devastated.  I must admit, I laughed, just a little bit.

Here's a photo of the event - post spill, he is face down and in a fit of tears.

Wet Parker, notice the large water spot in the background.
I knew this day would come, but I'm not sure I was ready for it.  I am excited to see him grow up, but a little sad that he is becoming a big boy so fast.

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  1. So CUTE! Love the blog...su fun to look back at all of the precious moments. The next 6 months will be a blur. They go from baby to toddler in a heart beat!