June 3, 2011

Uncle Steve!

The last time Parker saw Uncle Steve, he was TINY!  Just a little over 4 weeks old.  He wasn't very active, slept a lot and just wasn't as fun as he is now - at least not to everyone but me!

basketball watching

Here is is with Uncle Steve at 6 months.  Its nuts how much Parker has grown.  Uncle Steve definitely thought Parker was much more fun and interesting this visit.   They definitely seemed to enjoy hanging out with each other.  Parker thought his Uncle Steve was super funny!  Here they are enjoying themselves on Memorial Day.
 I can't wait until Parker is older.  Uncle Steve promises to teach P how to ride a dirt bike.  I'm a little nervous about this, but boys will be boys.  As long as he has on a helmet and is covered in full body armor, I think the lessons will be okay.

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