June 15, 2011

Parker loves the pool.

He is a real fish!  We spent time at the pool both Saturday and Sunday.  He just loves the water.  Check out his new swimsuit...
Just Parker and I went to the pool on Saturday.  We had some quality mommy-Parker time.  It makes me so happy that he loves the water.  I can't wait until he can swim all on his own. After an afternoon at the pool, we headed over to watch Kevin play softball.  It was a full afternoon.

Kevin joined us on Sunday.  It was a fun-filled morning at the pool for sure.  Just like his mom, the pool really wears Parker out.  He was so exhausted that he fell asleep in his dad's arms on the walk (about 100 yards) from the pool to the car - a first for this wiggle worm!

post-pool exhaustion
pre-pool excitement

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