March 17, 2011

Medicine. Yuck.

The last two weeks have been really tough.  Since our return from California, Parker has not been sleeping well. He would eat and go down for about an hour and then wake up and scream. At first, we blamed the long nights on messing up his schedule and then we decided that he didn't like to sleep alone. We brought him to sleep in our bed which made for even longer nights and didn't seem to stop him from crying...for hours on end.

The ladies at his daycare just couldn't imagine that the sweet little child that we dropped off to them every day would ever cry. We got the same report from them every day.."He's just an angel.". At times, I felt like they had my Parker confused with another child.

Last Friday, Parker had a follow up with his doctor about an ear infection. Kevin started telling her about his episodes and she immediately had an answer. She told us the answer was plain and simple - he has acid reflux. It makes so much sense! He spends all day in the nursery, propped upright and when we put his flat in his crib, the acid reflux makes him miserable.

She prescribed us liquid Zantac and said to make him sleep upright. I can only blame his genetics - both grandpas tend to eat Zantac or Pepcid fairly regularly. Unfortunately for Parker, he really dislikes the taste of his mint flavored Zantac. A spoonful of sugar will not help this medicine go down.

Looks like he is more like his grandpas than we could have imagined, they can watch TV and eat Zantac together!


  1. poor little guy....I hope things get better now that you have an answer. I know what its like to have a sick baby. Hang in there.

  2. Hi there! Nice stuff, do keep me posted when you post again something like this! genedb