January 19, 2011

Parker Worley: Motivator Extraordinaire

Parker is 7 weeks old now.  The time has really flown by, it seems just like yesterday he was born!

It has recently occured to me how much my little guy motivates me.  I want to do everything better.  I want to get into better shape, work harder, keep my house cleaner, just be a better person in general.  I'm no longer just a wife, I am a mom now.  I'm Parker's mom.  I find that I am less willing to settle and much more likely to stand up for myself.  Things that I would have once let go without a second thought are now being dealt with in my life.  I just changed car insurance because I was paying a fortune and had okay coverage.  My new policy is $400 cheaper and much better.   I canceled a gym membership I wasn't using - another waste of money.  I should have done both a long time ago, just never took the time to do the work.  A lame excuse, I know it. 

I know that 2011 is going to be a great year for our family.  Parker's here now and he is going to motivate us, we just can't fail the little guy.  Look at this face - wouldn't you agree?

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