May 20, 2010

well hello again...

Monday was our second doctor's appointment. It was supposed to me much less nerve-wracking than the first appointment but Baby Wo had other thoughts in mind. Dr. Sullivan tried to listen to his/her heart beat with some sort of Doppler machine and we heard nothing but my heart beating faster and faster as I got more nervous. Within a few minutes, I was in panic mode and we were in line for an ultrasound. Kevin tried his best to play it cool, only to tell me after the fact that he was very worried.

Long story short, with a bladder full of water, its hard to hear Baby Wo. He popped right up on the ultrasound screen! He has migrated to the bottom of my uterus and seems to be very comfortable. It looks like he is sitting in a little hammock. We could actually see toes and a little nose in the photos and no surprise here, long legs!

I guess Baby Wo has a sense of humor from the get go...must take after his mom!

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  1. Ohhh how I cannot wait to meet the Wo Baby!!! I love yall! Sorry for the scare but God is good and that baby is coming whether you're ready or not! :-)