August 23, 2013

Santa Cruz Vacation 2013

This past weekend, we travelled to Santa Cruz with my parents.  We had the best weather and a really nice time.  Our trip was relaxing and fun.  The first night we took the boys to the boardwalk.

Parker was able to ride almost every ride. He loved rides that went "real high".  We put Cooper on his first ride.  He wasn't very amused.

As was expected, they both hated the sand on their feet.  My boys are definitely made for the pool instead which is totally ok with my.  I tend to hate sand on my feet as well.

They even learned to fly a kite with Grandpa.  Parker was much better at it than I expected him to be. Maybe he has a future in kite flying?

We hope to travel this fall to Kansas City and hopefully let the boys experience some snow.

August 20, 2013

Nap time is a Joke

The boys currently share a room at our house.  We have started trying to put them down together for nap time.  This works perfectly at daycare.  They both take a nap, with all the other kids.  It's a piece of cake according to their provider, Terry.  Little angels she calls them.  Yeah right.

I have proof that nap time, with two boys just isn't possible but very funny to watch.

August 1, 2013

Dancing Baby. Spastic Gymnast.

My boys are growing like crazy.  Cooper is walking and very near talking. Parker is into sports of all types.  It's hard to find him without a ball in his hands. He loves doing exactly what his dad does. Baseball is his absolute favorite. They have finally started playing with each other as well, Parker doesn't really understand how small Cooper is right now, luckily, Coop is a bit of a bull and doesn't seem to mind the rough play.

They are both such bright spots in our lives, with such different personalities. Parker has the best sense of humor and Coop is our happy little guy.

I'm so proud to be their mom.