February 22, 2011

leaving on a jet plane

We are headed to Northern California tonight!  I am more than nervous about the flight and surviving travel with a newborn but I can't wait for Parker to meet his extended West Coast family.
Worley, Infant

It took me more time to pack for Parker than it did for myself and Kevin.  I hope I have enough of everything.  This kid demands a lot of extra stuff and to top it off, he is getting over an ear infection so I have to travel with medicine.
Parker and his extremely boring collection of toys. 
He prefers mom and dad as his entertainment.

Our fingers are crossed that our trip out west goes smoothly and that Parker's clothes/toys/diapers/bibs/bottles/socks/blankets don't put our bag over the 50 pound limit.

February 16, 2011

parker: the nudist?

This morning, I encountered something spectacular.  Not only did Parker manage to escape from the SUPER SWADDLE but he was also naked, completely naked, aside from his diaper.  I didn't think to take a photo and I am totally regretting this now. 

The best part about this entire incident, Parker was happy about his circumstances.  He was free from the swaddle and his onesie.  I found it, tossed aside in his crib, still buttoned at the bottom.

post naked episode, still very happy on his morning walk

This makes me wonder, do I have a future magician on my hands or a nudist in the making?

February 12, 2011

new year. new look.

I'm about six weeks late on the whole new year, new look idea.  I blame Parker, he keeps me super busy.  In an effort to make up for my tardiness, I give you this face:

Parker Worley: 7 weeks.

post bath.

Parker is the happiest kid ever after a bath.  He just talks and talks.  Evidence below:

We just love this kid.