July 30, 2010

register...for what exactly?

We attempted to start our baby registry last night. Key word: ATTEMPT. As was expected, it was terribly overwhelming and not the least bit fun. We started out in the crib section and once we finally decided on one that we both liked, a store employee informed us that it was being discontinued. Fantastic. Thanks so much for the update. We both just had to laugh. We did finally agree on another crib but now I'm not so sure.

Thankfully, the night was cut short by the closing of Babies 'R' Us. Lucky us. The night was not all for nothing, Kevin did find a weeblock. 100% ridiculous but hysterical non-the-less.

July 15, 2010

possibly Parker?

Kevin and I have been tossing around names for weeks now, even more so that we know we are having a little boy. Nothing has managed to stick, until we landed on Parker. I think its a solid name, not too out of the box and sounds great with Worley. With a name like Parker, the possibilites are endless, he can be a doctor or lawyer, stock trader or artist, or maybe even a baseball player like his dad!

Its just so scary to pick a name, its there forever and determines who you are as a person. Kevin has started calling the baby Parker lately. Me, not so much. I think I want to meet him first, just to make sure he's a Parker.

**The above stickers will never ever ever be found on a Worley Family vehicle. EVER. These make me nervous and have started popping up all over New Orleans. I hope this fad fades FAST!

half way home!

We had an important doctor's visit this week to check and make sure that Baby Worley is developing well. Turns out, he is developing into one chunky baby. He is larger than expected, about 10 days further along than he should be at this time. (I have the Worley genes to thank for this! Kevin was over 9lbs.) The doctor and ultrasound tech were both very happy with his development and told us that everything looks just great.

I have finally made it to the half way mark, but I have realized that tough times lay ahead for me. I had to pack away most of the the things I like to wear. When I break them out next year, it will be like Christmas! While standing in my closet this morning, it occurred to me that I miss a lot of things about not being pregnant so I decided to make a little list:

1. skinny days
2. my jeans - almost all of them have been packed away until approximately January 2011
3. not getting winded when walking up more than i set of stairs.
4. all things lacy and fancy - see #2
5. crying less - everything makes me cry now, happy tears, sad tears, just tears. Poor Kevin.

This baby has really turned our lives upside down. I just can't imagine what the next 20 years are going to bring, much less the next 20 weeks.

Wish me luck!

July 1, 2010

Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails.

I was on the edge of my seat at during our June 25th appointment, anxiously awaiting the discovery of a wiener or not. Our appointment was very routine, we got to hear the baby's heartbeat, this time around it was much louder and much stronger. Every time we visit, we hear the same thing, Baby Worley has a strong heart. I love hearing this new, but this time around, I was much more interested in Baby Wo's anatomy.

We were finally whisked off to the ultrasound room where the lab tech quickly annuonced, "Oh well, look at that!", "Look at what?" I demanded. I could see the outline of a tiny baby, sucking his thumb and kicking but not much else. She then pointed to the screen and to look at what she told me made Baby Wo a little boy. It's a boy, it's a boy! I was so completely overwhelmed that I just started to cry. It's definitely great news.

Now that I know I am shopping for all things blue, its on to the fun stuff: clothes and furniture and room design. I just can't wait.