Wow, Genetics.

I watched Kevin flip through images on his phone tonight.  It was so neat to watch my boys grow up as he flipped through hundreds of photos.  We landed on one photo and I suddenly realized that I didn't know what precious boy I was looking at.  From the shirt in the image, I guessed that the baby was Parker, but until Kevin confirmed my suspicions, I was completely confused.  It's amazing what genetics can do.  See below, can you tell the two babies apart? That's Parker on the left, both are about 6 weeks old.

Even as they have grown and developed into two distinctly different individuals, their looks have remained the same.  Here they are again, at around 6 months old. Same nose, double chin, same Worley ears, the same round faces, sane terrible drool problem, yet so very very different. 

I love each thing about my similarly unique little boys and every day I grow more in love, how could you not?