7516 is Coming Along Nicely.

Kevin and I have spent the last 5 weekends working on our new home and I could not be more proud of how things have turned out.  We have really put a lot of work into it and I can't wait to move in and make it home. 

Our entry way was a big project that we finally finished last weekend.  The tile is metallic and changes color!  I still have to pick a new front door.  It will most likely be bright yellow on the outside and white inside. 

The floors and carpet have also gone in.  We have ordered new cabinet doors and now need to work on tiling the master bath and boys' bathroom.  Hope to start the move in process next weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Just A Photo of My Cute Kid.

I'm just like every mom out there, I think my kid is the cutest.  Here's a photo to brighten your Friday afternoon and weekend.

He's working hard on a puzzle that his Grammy and Grandpa Lewis sent him.  It's a big puzzle made up of images of Parker over the last 18 months.  It's so wild to see how much he has changed and a bit scary to see what we are going to be going back to in just a few short weeks.

Baby #2 will be making his arrival some time around the second week of July.  Ready or not, here we go!