Big Baby No Name

We had a bit of a scare on Monday.  I went in for a routine visit.  My doctor told me I was measuring small and asked me to get an ultrasound.  We had to wait three days to get an appointment.  In the mean time, I tried to avoid worrying about what this might mean.

Much to my relief, the ultrasound went really well.  Not only is Baby No Name doing really well, he is measuring almost two weeks larger than expected!  We have another chubby baby on our hands and only 70 more days until we get to meet him.

I wouldn't be surprised if our little surprise makes a grand entrance earlier than expected.  Early July, here we come!

Baby Big Foot

7516 Lighthouse Drive

We finally closed on our house!  Demo has begun and we are moving forward.  Kevin started by removing a small pantry between the kitchen and living room.  It wasn't very pretty nor was it necessary.

Wasted Pantry Gone

It really opens up the space.  We spent most of last weekend ripping out 30 years of old wallpaper as well. Not so much fun.  This weekend will be dedicated to prepping for paint and texture and starting to order flooring.

I am loving this process and can't wait to make this our new home. It will all be worth it in the end, especially with a view like this!

6AM on the Lake