Parker Worley: ninja.

I'm fairly certain that Parker is a brown karate.  He spends more than half of his day kicking away and most of my night.  He is really good at roundhouse kicks.  I can literally feel him kick on one side of my belly and roll across to kick me on the other side. 

Needless to say, It's only when I am the most active that he decides to calm things down a bit and nap.  I keep trying to explain to him that I really need rest before he arrives but I just don't think that the message is getting across. 

Every once in a while, I will poke him back.  This just ends in him kicking back at me.  His antics have made me realize that the odds of me having a stubborn, hard-headed kid just like Kevin and me just keep going up. 

I would not be the least bit surprised if he arrived in this world looking much like a ninja.  At least we know he will have strong legs and great coordination. 

100 days...scratch that

We hit the 100 days mark....3 weeks ago.  We are now at 79 days and counting until baby Parker arrives.  The days seem to be passing more quickly than I expected.

We spent last weekend in Stockton, where we had an awesome baby shower!  Parker is definitely loved and got a ton of gifts.  This kid's closet is as well stocked as mine and I have been working on mine for YEARS.  Also, the name has stuck.  Let's hope that he likes it.

Our trip out west was definitely great and when we were headed to the airport, I found myself wanting to stay.  The weather was just so nice and our time was very relaxing.  Not only that, Stockton is full of tons of free babysitters.  I like the idea of free.

Nicole, Nick, Keith and Lacey
Speaking of babysitters, Parker got to see Nick, Keith, and Lacey again.  They were the first people to find out that he existed.  Initially, Keith told us we were stupid.  I think the idea of having a nephew has really grown on him over the last few months.  Now Keith has someone new and impressionable to spend time with!